Martin is an enthusiast for new technology as a journalist and a performer. He enjoys reporting new developments for TV and digital platforms. In 2014 he co-designed and supervised the creation of a new 4k-ready, HD green screen studio and control room, using BlackMagic Design ATEM switchers and routing equipment.


This digital studio has been key to improving the quality and amount of content that is now required by today's digital and mobile platforms. As news consumption has moved to mobile, so it was vital that more resources were made available to the digital teams to make the video clips, bulletins and extras that make Sky News apps stand out from the competition.He is an occasional speaker on news, media and technology topics for talk station LBC 97.3 in London.


Martin also enjoys pioneering the latest computer and graphics tools to aid the presentation of a story. Martin presented Sky News’ first virtual broadcast from a 3D House of Commons during the 1997 general election and has worked with 3D and virtual reality technicians on every major election since: notably hosting wall and VR sequences for the general election results programme in 2010, that, incidentally, saw another milestone - the channel's move into HD broadcasting. 


Twenty years ago, he introduced the first tablet computers to the newsroom, allowing fellow presenters and himself to move away from the anchor desk for some sequences, while still keeping in touch with breaking news and email reactions from viewers. He is widely acknowledged as master of the vast Sky Newswall that dominates one side of the main studio in the Sky News centre.

Recent Engagements

September 2016: IBC TV Host, Live from International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam

July 2016: TRT World - Host, INSIGHT, Current Affairs show

June 2016: BBC Radio Berkshire - cover Presenter, Breakfast and Mid-Morning shows

June 2016: Chair of New Technology Session at VIZ RT Days, Bergen, Norway

January 2016: Reporting from Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

January 2016: Presentation to potential advertisers on digital newsgathering and publishing

August 2015: Guardian Media Festival: part of the News masterclass for The Network.

May 2015: Panelist for RTS Training Day - latest tech and techniques in contemporary newsgathering

March 2015: Reporting from Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

December 2015: Guest speaker at Digital Technology in Policing Conference, London

October 2014: News XChange, Prague: Compere and Host of a session on new versus old media