Content Consultancy

Now, content is King! Anyone - a good cause, a great business, a gregarious individual can create their own TV or radio content.

Let Martin guide you through your first step into Facebook Live; or he can help you with a company Webinar, Podcast or show-and-tell video. He can help you make these opportunities or more conventional TV or radio appearances. Harness Martin's thirty years of experience of working in the media for yourself - today!

1. Your very own Podcast

An audio feature - akin to your own radio programme - can be a useful tool for both external and internal communications. From a simple interview one on one with a key member of your team, to a more complex round table discussion, audio content is a convenient way to get a message to an audience at a time which is convenient to them. Live streams or events are possible - but pre-recorded content for download is an equally effective alternative.

2. Webinar

A seminar on the web can be dull. But not if it is professionally designed and produced and presented. Does your product or service need a demo? Would it be best explained by a show and tell sequence? Get in touch. I can We can make something really special.

3. Go Live!

For company events, linked to product launches or events, Facebook Live (or other live streams) can offer bespoke TV style programming just for the company concerned. These can be a simple one on one interview with a CEO or other key figure; or a panel; or feature multiple speakers at multiple locations using Skype or Facetime connections. I have the cameras and switching kit to self-drive a simple 1 on 1 interview – and do it live. I need a photogenic location, and a rock solid fast internet connection. Such an event could include a measure of interactivity such as answering questions posted in the comments section. Such things can be done, in HD, to a modest budget.

4. Studio Discussions

For larger projects, I would make use of a small multi-camera studio complex near Oxford Circus, which could accommodate more than one guest, offer multiple cameras and or contributions from other locations. And all streamed to a platform of the clients’ choice. Again here, this can be done for a relatively small outlay.

5. Green Screen Explainers.

For larger budgets, green screen technology is getting better and better, so a virtual set, or a show-and-tell explainer can be included with great impact in any of the scenarios above. Or why not use a virtual set to wow shareholders at your AGM or results presentation?

And finally ...

A more subtle approach is to sponsor the creation of conventional TV content. For instance a magazine show, covering a market sector of interest or relevance to your enterprise. The Tech sector is a favourite of mine, as I have been reporting on consumer and B2B developments for the last thirty years. A weekly or monthly update of technology news, personalities and information – could now be created as a 15-minute online video magazine, distributed through YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, or hosted on a company website. Sponsorship of such content creation is a subtle statement of authority and of reach and influence across the tech space.

To discuss any of the above - please get in touch via any of the contact touch points below

Recent Engagements

March 2019: SVG Europe Conference Host, Paris: One day seminar on technology in sports broadcasting

September 2018: IBC TV Host, Live from the International Broadcasting, Entertainment and Technology Showcase in Amsterdam

April 2018: Mediability - training and consultancy in graphics production at TV2 Norway

January 2018: Pilot programme for ITN Productions - producer and host

September 2017: Round Table host and compere for telecoms cloud service Vonage as they open new London HQ

September 2017: IBC TV Host, Live from the International Broadcasting, Entertainment and Technology Showcase in Amsterdam

June 2017: Compere, The Alarm Risk Awards, Principal Hotel, Manchester

May 2017: Consultancy for Aljazeera 24 hour news in Doha, Qatar: Video Wall Presentation

September 2016: IBC TV Host, Live from International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam

June 2016: Chair of New Technology Session at VIZ RT Days, Bergen, Norway

January 2016: Reporting from Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas