Video Wall Presentation

Martin has spent a large part of his broadcast career devising, producing and presenting video wall and virtual studio segments, items and whole programmes. Here he shares some essential tips to ensure that "Talent and Screen(s)" sequences really punch through.

  • Presenters: script your own stuff! Or re-write sequences in your own voice
  • Producers: what does the audience learn by the end of the sequence? If it's a reiteration of facts in a news package, think again!
  • Directors: work with the talent on the script and maximise impact by using a moving camera such as crane or jib (or better still, script the sequence for 2 or 3 cameras) to add punch
  • Graphics Design: fewer "PowerPoint-style" bullet point lists (like this one!). Keep the movement coming; build in a surpise; break up long pages with FF video or external inputs such as live webpages, where appropriate

  • Example:

    Remember Obama - and how he won the White House? UHD resolution wall, powered by VizRT GFX. Scene controlled by bespoke iPad interface created by Przemyslaw Pluta.


    Local Election results can be dull - not here!


    This is a good example from the BBC. Fixed, single camera. But GFX designers and talent have built in some moves to keep the sequence interesting.

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    September 2017: IBC TV Host, Live from the International Broadcasting, Entertainment and Technology Showcase in Amsterdam

    June 2017: Compere, The Alarm Risk Awards, Principal Hotel, Manchester

    May 2017: Consultancy for Aljazeera 24 hour news in Doha, Qatar: Video Wall Presentation

    September 2016: IBC TV Host, Live from International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam

    June 2016: Chair of New Technology Session at VIZ RT Days, Bergen, Norway

    January 2016: Reporting from Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas